Current Faves 001

Hi friends! 
Savannah here!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Retail Manager at Kin Ship Goods. If you come into the store regularly, you've probably seen me folding shirts or on a Tik Tok or two. I wear a few hats here at KSG, but most recently, HH and DD have asked me to do some bloggin! And as a former Tumblr kid, I just couldn’t resist. 

I was thinking this could be a fun way to sort of introduce our crew, who work hard to provide yall with the coziest hand printed garments, by sharing what’s got them hooked right now. Music, movies, questionable reality TV, or good reads. I want to know and I just know that you do too! Since I’m the newest on the team, I’ll go first. 

I tend to go through phases when listening to music. One week I can’t get enough of indie folk artists like Waxatchee or Big Thief, the next it’s all about 80’s New Wave. However, currently, the instrumental group El Ten Eleven is all I want to listen to. If you’ve never given them a listen, El Ten Eleven is a group that consists of two dudes, a combo double neck guitar/ fretless bass, a drum kit, and a loop pedal. 

If you’re looking for a band that you can really dive deep into, El Ten Eleven fits the bill. Their instrumental sound creates the perfect vibe for when you need to focus on work, making some fun art, or even going for a run! My first introduction to the duo was their self-titled album that came out in 2005. Almost 20 years later, I can confidently say: This shit still slaps. But wait! There’s more! With 11 albums under their belt, El Ten Eleven’s sound is both ever evolving and consistently comforting. 

I was lucky enough to see them at the infamous Crow Bar in Ybor City a few years back, and still consider it to be one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Kristian Dunn and Tom Fogarty seamlessly tie together incredibly complex rhythms and breakdowns, and tell a story without ever saying a word.

I think you can tell a lot about a person based on the movies and TV they watch. Me? I like to consider myself a bit of a movie buff, so I’m willing to watch just about any movie I come across. Within reason of course. I'm looking at you Gaspar Noe. I'm a little more picky when it comes to a television series. Although, you probably wouldn't know it by how many episodes I've seen of Love Is Blind

While shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Survivor will forever stay in my continue watching tab, I recently started The Walking Dead from the very beginning. I'm currently halfway through season 4 and there is no end in sight. I know I'm a little late to the party. However, in my defense, I watched as it was airing back in the day, but after a while the constant spoilers ruined it for me.

I'm back now though and I'm in it! The characters are so well written, even the ones you hate, and it really makes you wonder how you'd do in an event so catastrophic. Not to sound like a paranoid doomsday prepper or anything, but it really makes you wonder. Anyway, we'll see how long my excitement lasts, considering there's 12 seasons.

I wish I could say I was a bookworm. I'm jealous of people that can get lost in the quiet comfort of good book. Sometimes I'll find a book that keeps my attention long enough to finish it. More often than not though, I get about halfway and never finish. The last book I actually read all the way through was Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. I loved every minute of it! Probably because I was picturing Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio the whole time, but hey whatever works, right?

Well I hope you liked this little deep dive into my current obsessions! The plan is to ask everyone here at Kin Ship what theirs are to hopefully give all y'all an idea of what kind of goofballs we have around here. 

See y’all next time!

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