Stinkers of the Month / MAY 2024 : " Willa Jean "

What's your name?: Willa Jean

How old are you?: I'll be 2 on November 29th.

How did you meet your mom/dad/parents?: My mommy found me on Facebook.

How stinky are you?: The stinkiest!

What's your favorite treat?: I go feral for fried chicken but my mommy never lets me have it!

Where is your favorite place to sleep?:During the day I sleep in my Squishmallow bed, but at night, I snuggle with my mommy in her bed.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?: During the day I sleep in my Squishmallow bed, but at night, I snuggle with my mommy in her bed.

What is your perfect day?: My perfect day is one that starts with the mailman bringing my BarkBox. Then I would love to play with my new toys outside in the sun with my sisters Hazel Grace and Lucy Mae.

I'd take a nice warm nap on my mawmaw's lap. Once I've gotten my energy back, I would take a car ride to somewhere there's a lot of people to tell me how cute I am. Maybe a parade?

Then I'd want to go to McDonalds and get a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal and get to have ALL 4 chicken nuggets - not just a piece of one like my mommy insists.

After that, l'd like to relax in a laundry basket full of warm towels. Finally, my perfect day would end with snuggling up in bed with my mommy.

What's the most ornery thing you've ever done?: I've never done an ornery thing in my life. I'm a perfect angel, but one time my mommy got REALLY stressed out at me when I tore up the carpet in our hotel room (like REALLY BAD) in Tennessee. Thankfully I'm cute and the maintenance man said he could fix it. Whew!

Another time I had my mommy completely freaked out was when she lost me... for
like an hour and a half and there was a whole search team out looking for me. My
mommy was crying and everything! There were about 30 people scouring my neighborhood with flashlights and trucks with spotlights and everything. Turns out I
was just hiding under the couch the whole time! I just thought I was playing a really
good game of hide and seek! Whoops! After that, my mommy makes me wear an Apple AirTag now.

What are some fun facts about you?: I only weigh 8 Ibs.

I have my own TikTok @willajeanjacket

I sneeze when I want my mommy's food

I can stand on 2 legs for a really long time when food is involved!

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