Stinkers of the Month / APRIL 2024 : "Theo & Jane"

What’s your name(s)?
Theo and Jane.

How old are you?
4 and 5.

How did you meet your mom/dad/parents?
Theo said, "Mom saw me on Facebook and rushed after work to get me. I didn't know how to eat without being scared or how to handle stairs."

Jane said, "Mom and dad rescued me from the Parkersburg Humane Society after calling a million times to make sure they could be my parents. The PHS said they're my perfect match."

How stinky are you?
Theo is 9/10 stinky boi, because he loves to roll on whatever he can and hates baths. Jane is not as stinky, but does get a stinky lady beard sometimes 5/10 stank.

What’s your favorite treat?
Dehydrated sweet potatoes & doggo safe peanut butter.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?
Mom and dad's bed (it's really ours but whatever)

What is your perfect day?
Sleep in, cuddle with mom and dad, go for a walk, play a ton, more cuddles.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?
Theo once peed into an outdoor light on the ground and it started to smoke. Jane will crop dust every one she comes across. She has no mercy.

What are some fun facts about you?
They are two peas in a pod & BFFs. Jane is named after Jane Goodall & Theo after
Theodore Roosevelt (we love national parks & animals).  

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