Stinker of the Month / October 2023 : "CASIO"

What’s your name?: Casio

How old are you?: 3?

How did you meet your mom/dad/parents?: Uncle Craig found me down by the river with a pack of rowdy cats. He took me in but his cats didn't like me so Uncle Craig told Jeano about me and here I am.

How stinky are you?: I smell like sunshine. At times I can be a little stinky.

What’s your favorite treat?: Canned Chicken!

Where is your favorite place to sleep?: Next to my mom, I try to take up the entire width of the bed. Sometimes I sleep on her head.

What is your perfect day?: A Saturday when my mom doesn't have to be at work and we can spend the whole day together. Or, when she takes me into work and I get lots of pets from everyone.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?: Trying to get into the bowl of the toilet, I just like to stand in there . . . the cold porcelain feels good on my beans.

What are some fun facts about you?: I don't have any top or bottom front teefs. I like to go on walks in the neighborhood with my mom.

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