national parks trivia

Get to know America's 63 national parks with 390 wide-ranging trivia questions that cover their iconic geography, ecology, geology, history, wildlife, and botany--from the authors of Scenic Science of the National Parks.

America's national parks are some of the most beloved, visited, and biodiverse places on Earth. Playing National Parks Trivia will expand your understanding of these magical and multi-layered environments.

The cards include 390 questions on 195 cards and five 10-second Lightning challenge cards. The four subject categories--Plants, Animals, and Wildlife (PAW), Geology and Astronomy (GEO), Visitation, Famous Events and Hikes, and Park Superlatives (TOUR), and Cultural History and Geography (HIST)--span every single national park. Each trivia card offers an easier and harder question; you can choose to play with only the easy questions, or graduate to the hard one if you answer the easy one to gather more points. National Park nerds can play with just the hard ones! Play in teams and keep score, or simply use the cards as flashcards for your own learning. There's also a fold-out poster with rules for play, backed with a colorful map of the United States marked with the names and locations of all 63 parks for reference.

No matter which way you play, this game will teach you things you never knew about our iconic parks, from volcanic activity and unconformity (bonus point alert!) to firefly mating rituals and keystone predators to the most hiked trail in the Great Smoky Mountains and Yellowstone's famed geyser.

  •  Measurements:  5.5" L x 3.7" W 

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