Stinker of the Month: November 2021

November 2021: Roscoe


What’s your name?

How old are you?

How did you meet your mom?
I was rescued from the dumpster of Michelle’s building. My previous owner threw me away, literally.

How stinky are you? 
Dude. I’m a terrier. We all have bad breath!

What’s your favorite treat?
Kale stems. I’m from LA man, what can I say?

Where is your favorite place to sleep?
On Michelle’s clean clothes after I scoot them around to make a nest. Serves her right for not putting em away!

What is your perfect day?
Waking up and taking a long walk, immediately followed by getting wet food mixed in with my regular dry food and then conspiring with my cat roommates on how to trash the house while Michelle is at her shop.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?
TDo not try to pick me up if I’m sleeping. I will freakin snap!

What are some Roscoe fun facts?
I can dance and will do so if you give me treats. I have three cat BFFs!




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