Stinker of the Month: NOV 2023


What’s your name?: Maple

How old are you?: Probably four, but no one knows for sure

How did you meet your mom/dad/parents?: I was living at a Fayette Freinds of Animals shelter. I was found on the side of the road after having had puppies. I gave my future mom a big happy smile and when we made eye contact. We've been attached ever since!

How stinky are you?: I'm the definition of corn chip paws.

What’s your favorite treat?: I love my mourning breath treat and won't participate in my morning routine without it. Even though, it does absolutely nothing for my bad breath. 

Where is your favorite place to sleep?: I will use my snoot to burrow under the covers and be mom's little spoon.

What is your perfect day?: I would spend sun up til sun down sniffing every plant and tree at the West Virginia Botanic Garden.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?: I get all the attention in the world when I drop my kid at school in the morning, but if for some reason I don't get all the attention, I will bark for my morning pets.

What are some fun facts about you?: I'm very attracted to small, old, cranky male dogs. They are my type and I want them to love me. The less teeth that better. Let me love you, tiny dogs. 🐾

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