Stinker of the Month: MAY 2023

MAY 2023 : BANJO

What’s your name?: Banjo

How old are you?: 2 years

How did you meet your mom/dad/parents?: Mom came to get me from the New River Humane Society. I jumped right in her car and we've been inseparable ever since.

How stinky are you?: 11/10 Stinker. On the ride home from the shelter, I lovingly nuzzled my head up to my new human's shoulder and released the loudest burp right in her ear.

What’s your favorite treat?: Watermelon, cheese, eggs, whipped cream, and used napkins if I can steal them.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?: All couches and beds but never the floor.

What is your perfect day?: Start with good morning snuggles, then lay in the grass and sniff the air. I try to catch bees in the garden. Take naps with my mom. Look out the window and bark. Chase frogs at the pond. Play in the water hose. Have my favorite snacks. Then do it all again tomorrow.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?: I chased the lawn guy off the porch once, but in my defense he was wearing a hat. I hate hats.

What are some fun facts about you?:  I hate goats, unfamiliar men, and blow dyers. I love car rides and nature documentaries. Sometimes I snore loud enough to interrupt mom's work calls. Oh and I protect my mom from spiders. 🐾

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