Stinker of the Month: January 2022

January 2022: Joe Pye

What’s your name?
Joe Pye.

How old are you?

How did you meet your mom?
Through one of my mom’s clients.

How stinky are you? 
I’ve had the breath of an old man since birth.

What’s your favorite treat?
Chicken tenders, hot dogs, and ice cubes.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?
As the little spoon wherever my mom is.

What is your perfect day?
Sleeping in, seeing my neighbor (she’s been my doggy girlfriend since we met), going for a hike, and playing with my fox toy.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?
I picked an argument with a German shepherd who could fit my whole head in her mouth.

What are some Joe Pye fun facts?
I’m named after a flower, I only howl in secret, I’m great at high fives, and I wear sunglasses.


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