Stinker of the Month: December 2022


What’s your name?: Hank

How old are you?: 5

How did you meet your mom/dad/parents?: My parents rescued me from the shelter. They love the Great Pyreneese breed. What's not to love? Big, fluffy, slimey, and stinky.

How stinky are you?: Super. My ears get hot, I chew on my bones, I have hot spots and at night I let out some farts. My people still love me though.

What’s your favorite treat?: Hot dog slices in the air fryer, but my vet says I need to go on a diet. No more treats. Gotta lose atleast 50 ls, but its ok if I eat canned green beans.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?: Always close to my people. Head under the covers.

What is your perfect day?: Going to the river and walking in the rain.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?: I always steal the cats tuna.

What are some fun facts about you?: 

I'm 151 lbs and very lovable. My parents got a van so we go on vacation alot. We just got home from a 3 week trip from New Mexico and Utah!

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