ghost of appalachia tee

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Depending on who you ask, the last Eastern Cougar sighting was 100 years ago OR last week. They used to roam mountains all over the Eastern U.S, until men got scared and messed it up for them. The Eastern Cougar population started to decline in the 1700s, due to bounty hunting and deforestation. They’ve since been officially declared extinct, but many folks say they’re still haunting the hills. We like to think a little bit of wildness is surviving out there, even against the stacked odds.  

  • Hand-printed in Appalachia, West Virginia
  • 100% ring-spun cotton tee
  • Mineral washed for the perfect vintage look.
  • Slight variances in fabric color, texture & distress is intentional.
  • Please take care when laundering as the fabric colors may transfer due to the mineral-wash process
  • For best results, wash separately, tumble dry low heat. 

Justin is 5'11 and is wearing a LARGE

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