here for a good time tee


50% cotton / 50% polyester.
Available in unisex sizes XS-XXXL.

Not a lot of people know this, but Kin Ship started as an art gallery back in 2009. We wanted to showcase the work of all the talented folks we know. Eventually we started just focusing on our own stuff, but we thought it'd be fun to sometimes feature other artists. This shirt was designed by one of our favorites Mikie Poland.

About Mikie Poland:
Mikie Poland is a visual artist from the midwest. He went to art school one hundred thousand years ago. He makes zines, drawings, paintings, screenprints, and sculptures…sometimes videos, websites, and clothes. Mikie makes a majority of the visual art for the semi-annual music festival Cropped Out in Louisville, Kentucky and has two bands: Giving Up and State Champion. He is also co-founder of a designer button business Tush Oodles. He designs work for bands, not limited to the tight-knit music community at Sophomore Lounge Records, which is a record label he whole-heartedly invests his time in. His work ranges in subjects such as worrying about the end of the world, being upset at how your hair looks, trying not to feel brain washed, embracing being brain washed, and being overly concerned with people you think are pretty. Other content includes ideas of being really stoked on feeling you are a positive force in the universe, bad vibes, feeling lazy, feeling frustrated, being bummed, and cracking yourself up in the bathtub. Mikie is 5’11, 160 lbs, and for all he knows, has a clean bill of health.