restore cbd bath soak

A bath soak formulated for the muscles and mind alike. Forest fresh, clean, and relaxing. This organic essential oil blend will transport you to the magical spot where the meadow meets the forest.

The blend of epsom + French grey salts combines to include over 80 trace minerals and magnesium, known for their soothing properties. This soak includes hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) and infused arnica montana oil, both recognized for their restorative and anti-inflammatory properties. The essential oil blend is formulated for muscle and mind relaxation.

  • Made by Daughter of the Land, an organic + fair trade company based in Seattle, Washington
  • Each 2oz packet includes 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD (10mg of CBD per serving)
  • Packaging is 100% compostable, printed with vegetable ink
  • INGREDIENTS: Epsom Salt, French Grey Salt 1, Olive Oil 1, Arnica Montana Flower 1, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract 1, Cypress Oil 1, Douglas Fir Oil 1, Peppermint Oil 1,2

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