Stinker of the Month



What’s your name?: Beanie

How old are you?: 12

How did you meet your mom/dad/parents?: I was holding residency at an animal control facility in Southern Indiana. I had a yippie roommate who ate all my food, and then one day my parents locked eyes with these little stumpy legs and I was free. I was too afraid to walk over a floor drain, so they scooped me up and have been smitten with me since.

How stinky are you?: My parents tell me I smell like a hot bean, outside puppy, corn chips, and occasionally Stinkus. They'd say I'm winning in being a little stinky. I'd say "rude".

What’s your favorite treat?: I love when my parents leave in the morning and give me a Kong full of peanut butter with a few carrots on the side. It's the start to a fantastic day of "me time".

Where is your favorite place to sleep?:  Mount Pupper Pillows on the couch.

What is your perfect day?: Getting unlimited morning breath treats, sun tanning in the morning sun, taking a car-ride to have a nice walk on the beach, unlimited naps with back scratches from my grannie, yelling at delivery trucks, all my favorite visitors, then ending the night snuggling in momma's bunny hole/legs.

What’s the most ornery thing you’ve ever done?: I once ran out the front door to chase a UPS truck. I also survived eating a jellyfish.

What are some fun facts about you?:  My Daddy is my personal servant who carries me up and down the stairs. Not
because of my back issues, but because I'm royalty. 🐾

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