Live Slow Die Cozy 003

July 18, 2019

Live Slow Die Cozy 003

Hey buddy, 

Hope everyone has been able to take some time to enjoy these summer days. We’ve been trying to take time off here and there, to get outside – for a day, a weekend, a couple of hours – whatever we can get!

A few weeks ago we took our lil teardrop camper Tammy out for the first time this year. Tammy is new to us. She was given to us by some super generous friends who knew we’d give her a good home. There’s just enough room inside for two people and 2 beagles. It’s perfect.

We packed up the pups and drove a couple of hours to a campground right on the Middle Fork River. Swimming. Hikes. Pals. Campfire coffee. Blueberry pie. Lightning bugs. It was magic. Thanks, Tammy.

This summer we’ve been trying to pay extra attention to the little things.

On a wall in our house hang two sketchbooks from my mom’s elementary school days. They're filled with drawings of birds, trees, bugs, and flowers — along with facts about each, in her carefully penciled print.

Today I was looking at them, thinking about how I should encourage some of the kids in my life to start their own sketchbook and maybe while they're at it they'll learn about all the critters around us. Then I realized that it was something I actually wanted to do myself – I didn’t need to try to convince some poor uninterested kid. It’d be a thing to do, just because. We probably all could use more of that in our lives. I love that something my mom made almost 60 years ago is reminding me to slow down and try not to miss out on all the little stuff that makes life good. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same.


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