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Live Slow Die Cozy 007

Hey buddy,

So, tenth time’s a charm? It only took us that many years of running a small business to get to the point where we (probably) don’t have to work on Thanksgiving! Our new line has been finished for weeks, instead of on Thanksgiving night. The new stuff has been photographed, instead of on Thanksgiving night. Our shop has been decorated for weeks, instead of on Thanksgiving night.

Five years ago today. This is what we had to do IN ONE NIGHT before we opened on Black Friday. What in the world were we thinking?! Also, not sure who "Anyone" was since it was just us!

We kind of don’t know what to do with ourselves—well, besides the usual world of small retail worry. Will everyone just shop on Amazon instead? Will folks leave the house if it’s raining? What if no one shows up and we have to go out of business after the holidays. What if the pipes in the ceiling burst? What if no one likes any of it? What if none of this is even real???

We were even bad at planning before we had a store! This is from 8ish years ago when we decided we should figure out our craft fair booth the night before.

Some friends of ours very sweetly demanded that we take a second and celebrate the wins. Quit our worrywartin and be proud of the work we’ve done this year.

So, we’re taking some time to celebrate some stuff. We’ve been doing this thing for 10 years! We work together and still love each other! We have a team of 13 amazing people! We are learning to trust those talented people and delegate stuff! We get to do something we love for a living! We get to bring our pups to work! We have a lot of fun, even when it’s stressful! We have the sweetest, most supportive customers! Sometimes people randomly bring us cupcakes! We are very, very lucky people.

We hope that everyone has the coziest Thanksgiving week. We’re so looking forward to watching the National Dog Show in our jammies, hanging with Mawmaw and the fam, and eating way too much. And we’re looking forward to this fun and busy weekend, doing this thing we love. Thank you. ❤️

HH (and DD)


Looking for a last minute pie recipe? Our pal Emily brought this Drunken Pumpkin Pie to Friendsgiving the other night & it was so good. I’m not even the biggest pumpkin pie fan and I had a slice.

Check out her recipe for it (and a ton of other pies) HERE.


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