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Live Slow Die Cozy 008

Hey Buddy,

Happy holidays to all yall. Whether you celebrate a holiday this time of year or not, we hope the season has treated you kindly.

It feels like this year has went by extra fast. Is that just what happens when you get older? How do we get time to slow down a little, like to the pace of waiting foreverrrr for Christmas morning to roll around as a kid?

Earlier this month, one of our favorite days of the year happened. Sunday with Santa! 

We gave Craig Claus a little break this year since he was tuckered out from packing internet orders. Luckily our retail manager Jenna is the daughter of Santa Claus, so it all worked out!

Beagle wranglin ain't easy.

We got to meet tons of cute kiddos, doggos, and even a snake! Lots of grown-ups got in on the fun too. You're never too old for a photo with Santa, folks. A lot of donations were brought in for the food bank next door. It was a good day.

Here are a few of the dears who came by to see see ole St Nick. You can see the whole gallery HERE.

Some people think Christmas music is annoying. We are not those people. Since we're about to jump into 2020, here are 20 of our favorite Christmas songs, in no particular order. Hit play + get festive.

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