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Live Slow Die Cozy 002

Hey buddy, 

Today is West Virginia Day. Happy 156th birthday to her!
WV has a special place in our hearts. My family has been here for eight generations. And DD fell in love with this state long before we ever met.

After being away for 15 years, I felt like it was time to move back to be closer to family. DD was a good sport and agreed to give it a try. It wasn’t an easy decision, leaving our friends and a place we also consider home behind, but it felt like it was time.

Thinking about it now, moving our business to a state with so many struggles was maybeeee a risky idea. And that first year was rough. One of the hardest things was having almost every person we encountered look at us like we had lost our minds when we told them we had CHOSEN to move back here.

But, we’ve been here for five years now and, turns out, it was a good decision. I think most people who live here would admit that West Virginia isn’t always an easy place. But, like lots of good things, it's worth it. We’ve found our people. We’ve made new friends as adults! And that ain’t easy. We get to drink coffee with Mawmaw. Watch our nieces and nephews grow up. Hike our favorite trails. Go to our favorite swimming holes. Drive on our favorite back roads. We’re supported by our community more than we could’ve imagined and we’ve met so many people working hard to make this a better place. All in all, we made the right choice.

— HH

We have lots of favorite spots in West Virginia, but one of our all time favorites is Babcock State Park in Clifftop, WV. 

The Glade Creek Grist Mill is what the park is most well-known for, but there’s tons of other things to love too. In front of the mill, you can climb out on rocks in the water and sunbathe. You can rent a paddle boat, canoe, or rowboat and head out on Lake Boley. There’s a nice campground and cheap cabins for rent all over the park. (Side note: Why isn't that swimming pool still there?!)
Babcock has more rhododendrons than we’ve ever seen in one place. They line all of the hiking trails. Speaking of trails, our favorite one, that doesn’t take all day, is Island in the Sky. At the top of the trail is a little stone gazebo, the perfect place to catch your breath and contemplate how out of shape you are, while eating the snacks you had stashed in your backpack. The park is a true West Virginia gem.

Just outside of the park on Route 41, there’s a white plastic pipe coming out of the side of the mountain that flows with coldest, crystal clear mountain spring water. Plan ahead like Pawpaw Bill always did and bring your empty milk jugs to fill up.

To drink up, head down Route 41, about 2.1 miles south of Rte. 60. 
The pipe is on the east (northbound) side of the road. You can park on the widened shoulder across the road from the spring.

where the water's runnin free

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