Live Slow Die Cozy 001

Hey buddy, 

Welcome to the first edition of Live Slow Die Cozy. We’ve decided to start using our newsletter as a way to tell yall what we’ve been up to and to share some of the things we love.

We really wish we could send you all a nice handwritten letter in the mail, but that’s probably not the most practical thing we could be spending our time on, so email will have to do. And we’re saving paper this way, so that’s good too!

It’s starting to feel like summer here in West Virginia. It went from cold to swamp in just a few days. We’ve been spending our days (outside of work) getting up early, walking the pups and smelling the honeysuckle, making our yard look less like Grey Gardens, and hitting up the DQ for some PBPs.

In other news, DD started a new band called Lorist with our pal Emily Hilliard. Last month they played some shows here in Charleston that we put on with State Champion and Buck Gooter—some of our favorites who came through town.

Now it’s June and we’re not sure how that happened so fast! We’re gonna spend our summer looking for swimming spots and making lots of new stuff that we’ll be sharing with you all summer long. Be on the lookout!

Lorist @ Elk City Records, photo by Curren Sheldon

State Champion 
@ Elk City Records, photo by Curren Sheldon

The soul queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas once said, "Everything hurts, but thank god I can still feel it." It's that kind of gratitude for the hard times that makes soul music the wonder that it is.
All Of This Goes Too: American Soul Music 1955-1972, Volume II from Cairo Records has been on HEAVY ROTATION here at Cozy HQ and we thought you might wanna have a listen. We hope these songs keep you in good company. We hope that even when times are tough, you are grateful to still feel it all. We know we are. 

If you're still craving some satisfying music after this, go and check out our (above mentioned) pal Emily's new label Spinster Sounds.  There you’ll find some incredible projects like Quilt of the Universe and Trouble Anyway by Rosali. 

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