Live Slow Die Cozy 004

Hey buddy,

Hard to believe we’re in the dog days of summer now. Time to head to Kmart and get those school clothes out of layaway. Squeeze in some last minute adventures, stay outside til the bats come out. 

Recently, I came across my 4th grade class photo taken in the school library and couldn’t believe how tiny and kinda sparse the room looks. That little library was such a big deal to me. I sometimes have dreams (for real) about going through those rows of books, trying to pick out a good one. It seemed like the choices were endless, but now looking at this photo, I can see we probably could’ve used some more! We all idolized the librarian with oversized tinted glasses and feathered hair. And counted down the days until the book fair. The books that I read there are still some of my favorites. Just goes to show you that things don’t have to be perfect and fancy to make a lasting impact on someone.

Oh, and here is DD’s kindergarten picture. Just because. Check out his fall fashions! Even back then, that hair had a mind of its own. 

School isn't just a building that we’re forced to go to growing up. You can learn valuable lessons from all sorts of teachers.
A couple of weeks ago, we lost one of those most excellent of teachers — David Berman, poet and songwriter from the ever influential band Silver Jews.

DB's words have helped us navigate this crazy world for many years now. And we know that when we get lost in the future, his words will again and again help guide the way.

We’ll always remember that it's essential to love the hell out of someone. Love to the max, if you will. You have to slow dance so the needle doesn't skip. And that “one of these days, these days will end.” And maybe most importantly, “Don't believe in people who say it's all been done. They have time to talk because their race is run.”

Thanks for all the lessons, Teach. We hope you find some peace out there in the Wild Kindness.

If you are unaware of this masterful professor, here are some of our favorite songs of his. Silver Jews 101. Make it a Slow Education. Take your time and learn some lessons of your own.

— DD

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