June 10, 2019

It’s starting to feel like summer here in West Virginia. It went from cold to swamp in just a few days. We’ve been spending our days (outside of work) getting up early, walking the pups and smelling the honeysuckle, making our yard look less like Grey Gardens, and hitting up the DQ for some PBPs.

In other news, DD started a new band called Lorist with our pal Emily Hilliard. Last month they played some shows here in Charleston that we put on with State Champion, Ned Collette, and Buck Gooter—some of our favorites who came through town.

photo by Curren Sheldon

Now it’s June and we’re not sure how that happened so fast! We’re gonna spend our summer looking for swimming spots and making lots of new stuff that we’ll be sharing with you all summer long. Be on the lookout!

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